Fiber-Coupled Modulated Laser Diode Source

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Compact, battery powered, fiber coupled, 650 nm laser diode module with integrated brightness control and digital modulation to 1 MHz.

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Front panel of fiber-coupled laser diode (LDFC-01) showing 650-nm FC output and manual brightness control.

  • TTL Modulation: DC-1 MHz
  • Output Power: 32 discrete steps from threshold to 2 mW
  • USB Rechargeable: 18 hr continuous operation at 1 mW
  • Compact: 60 mm x 45 mm x 25 mm
  • Stability: 130 ppm RMS over 1 hr
  • FC/PC fiber output

  • General purpose lab light source
  • Synchronous detection
  • Alignment
  • Detector characterization
  • Diffraction-limited point source

The module features a single spatial mode Fabry Perot laser diode. The laser is coupled to a 4-µm single-mode fiber, and presented to the user via a FC/PC receptacle. The pigtailed diode includes an integrated photodiode, which is used to monitor and control the laser diode power. Manual power adjustment is enabled using push buttons (+ and -) on the front panel. A TTL-like input signal allows high speed digital modulation.

Contact us to discuss custom solutions, pricing and lead-time. Example customizations include:

  • Wavelength
  • Output power
  • Fiber coupling (e.g., SMA, FC, LC, SC, ST)
  • Battery life


Wavelength650 nm
Maximum power2 mW (typ.)
Power settings32
Power step70 µW (typ.)
Fiber outputFC/PC
Digital control
VIL: 0-0.9V
VIH: 2.4-5.5V
Modulation BWDC-1MHz
Rise time130 ns (typ.)
Fall time90 ns (typ.)
Stability @ 1mW 130 ppm RMS (1 hr)
Battery charge time2 hr
Battery lifetime15 hr @ 1 mW
Operating temp15-30° C


Wide Modulation Bandwidth: DC-1 MHz

Laser power modulation at 1 kHz to 1 MHz, using a signal generator, a scope, and a photodiode with 50 Ω load. The vertical scale is 1 mW per division.


Excellent Delivered Power Stability

Laser stability in parts-per-million at 1 mW power. Measured using a photodiode with a 50 Ω load and a 5 1/2 digit digital voltmeter. The stability over a 1 hr timescale is 130 ppm RMS.

High Dynamic Range Optical Density Measurement with a Synchronous Amplifier

In this video, we’ll use a synchronous amplifier (Eikonal SA-01) to make high dynamic range measurements of the transmission of an optical component. We’ll use a modulated laser diode (Eikonal LDFC-01) as a light source, and a large area amplified photodiode (Eikonal TIA-F-01) as the photodetector. In this example, we’ll measure the optical transmission of laser safety glasses. We'll use the Eikonal modules as a system to make measurements sensitive to a part in 10,000.