LiPo-Powered Amplified Si Photodiode

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Amplified, large-area (7 mm2) Si photodiode with fast response. The detector employs a high bandwidth op amp with excellent long-term stability and low 1/f noise. Three user-selectable gain settings with 1% relative accuracy allow for > 90 dB dynamic range. An ultra-low noise voltage regulator fed by a USB rechargeable, Lithium polymer battery reverse biases the diode and powers the amplifier. The unit is packaged in a standard lens tube with 1.035"-40 threads for convenient mechanical integration.

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Front view of LiPo-powered transimpedance amplifier (TIA-R-01) with red laser diode illumination.

  • Large area Si PIN photodiode
  • Selectable gain: 1.5/15/150 kV/A
  • Rechargeable LiPo battery power
  • Compact package (1-inch diameter lens tube) for convenient integration
  • Fast: 30 ns rise time at low gain
  • Dynamic range (> 90 dB)
  • DC-1.5 MHz bandwidth

  • Sensitive synchronous detection
  • Fast time domain monitoring
  • Characterization of diffuse radiation

The sensor head comprises a reverse biased Si PIN photodiode and a DC-coupled transimpedance amplifier with an output stage capable of driving a 50 Ω load.

Contact us to discuss custom solutions, pricing and lead-time. Example customizations include:

  • Blue / green optimized silicon PIN diode
  • Infrared / near-infrared InGaAs diode
  • Transimpedance gain
  • Extended battery life


Wavelength400-1100 nm
Sensitive area2.65 mm x 2.65 mm
Quantum efficiency0.9 @ 850 nm
Responsivity0.62 A/W @ 850 nm
Gain into 50Ω load
1.5 kV/A (l)
15 kV/A (m)
150 kV/A (h)
Bandwidth (3dB)
DC-1.5 MHz (l/m)
DC-700 kHz (h)
Rise time30/60/130 ns (l/m/h)
Noise @ 10 kHz 65 nV Hz-1/2 (h)
NEP @ 850 nm700 fW Hz-1/2(h)
Integrated noise290 µV RMS
Maximum output1.2 Vpp into 50Ω
DC offset voltage0.250 V
DC offset stability1.5 µV RMS (1 hr)
Power supply5 V @ 300 mA
Power connectorMicro-USB
Signal connectorSMA
Lens tube1.035”-40 x 1.5”
Operating temp5-30° C
Battery lifetime
16 hr (dark)
6 hr (illuminated)


High Speed Amplifier at Three Gains

Measured single nanosecond duration laser pulse (650 nm) at the three gain settings with rise times shown in the legend. The fall times are 460 ns for the high gain setting and 230 ns for the medium and low settings. The light source is an Eikonal Nanosecond Pulsed Laser Diode (NLD-01).


Noise Performance in a Portable Package

Noise power spectral density at high gain measured with two spectrum analyzers.  Modeled SPICE prediction is also shown.