Nanosecond Pulsed 905nm Laser Diode

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Compact, 905-nm pulsed laser diode with 2.6 nanosecond width and 100 nJ pulse energy.  Pulses from a single event up to 100 kHz are triggered by a TTL-like signal.

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  • Pulsed 905-nm laser diode source
  • 2.6 ns pulse width @ 100 nJ / pulse
  • Efficient, 0.6 NA focusing optics
  • Repetition rate up to 100 kHz
  • TTL trigger levels

  • Time-of-flight measurements
  • Ceilometer and aerosol measurements
  • Detector testing and characterization

A nanosecond electrical pulse energizes a laser diode, producing a short pulse of light. Triggering is accomplished via a fast-switching MOSFET, which discharges an LRC network with a nanosecond time constant. Pulse width and pulse energy can be modified by customizing the properties of this network per specific customer requirements.  

The unit runs from a single, included +24 V DC power supply. The high voltage that drives the diode is generated on board by an efficient, low-ripple DC/DC converter.  The DC/DC converter provides sufficient current to provide a pulse rate of 100 kHz.

Contact us to discuss custom solutions, pricing and lead-time. Example customizations include:

  • Energy per pulse: 50–150 nJ
  • Pulse width: 2–100 ns (affects pulse energy and max rep rate)
  • Wavelength (e.g., 850 nm)
  • Collimation optics


Rise time ≤ 0.7 ns
Pulse width (typ.)2.6 ns
Max pulse rate100 kHz
Nominal wavelength905 nm
Wavelength range895-915 nm
Spectral FWHM9 nm
Trig hi thresholdVtrig ≤ 3.5 V
Trig lo thresholdVtrig ≥ 1.5 V
Trig range0 V ≤ Vtrig ≤ 5 V
Trig rise time35 ns (nominal)
Trig input impedance50 Ω
Operating temp5-30 oC
Dimensions80 x 45 x 25 mm
Supply (incl.)+24 V DC


High Power Nanosecond Pulses

Laser pulses measured with a fast InGaAs photodiode and a Tektronix scope.  The measured width of the default shipped configuration (green line) is 2.6 ns, and the measured rise time is 0.7 ns. The traces are labeled with the delivered energy per pulse (post collection lens).


From Single Pulses to 100 kHz Rep Rates

Energy per pulse as a function of triggered pulse rate.  The default unit ships with a nominal pulse energy of 100 nJ (green triangles) and can be operated at trigger rates from single pulses to 100 kHz.  The blue circle and red cross alternative configurations are available upon request at no additional cost.