Compact Spectrometer Calibration Lamp

Discharge gas Hg/Ar
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Compact, rechargeable cold cathode lamp (CCL) for wavelength calibration of fiber-coupled compact spectrometers. Ideal for field or mobile applications.  Available with either Hg/Ar or Ne.

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off switch and SMA lamp output.

  • Cold cathode Hg/Ar or Ne lamp
  • Portable: 60 mm x 45 mm x 25 mm
  • USB rechargeable: 8 hr continuous operation
  • SMA receptacle for multimode fiber
  • Accurate lamp current for maximized lamp lifetime and stability (stability: <0.5% over 1 hr)
  • TTL-like enable/disable for remote operation or PWM (DC-150 Hz)
  • Synchronous buck architecture for high efficiency and low RFI

  • Wavelength calibration of fiber-coupled spectrometers
  • Hg/Ar best suited for blue / optical
  • Ne best suited for high-resolution applications in the red and near-infrared

The module features a cold cathode lamp (Hg/Ar or Ne) and a regulator that drives an efficient converter. An internal control loop maintains fixed lamp current for constant brightness. The discharge lamp is butted against an SMA receptacle, allowing either free-space or multimode fiber operation. The resultant emission line spectrum is ideally suited for wavelength calibration of spectrometers from 250 - 1400 nm.

Contact us to discuss custom solutions, pricing and lead-time. Example customizations include:

  • Fiber receptacle style
  • Free-space illumination


GasesHg/Ar or Ne
Fiber outputSMA
Digital control
VIL: 0-0.8V
VIH: 2-5V
DisableDigital high
Modulation speedDC-150 Hz
Rise time5 ms
Stability<0.5% RMS (1 hr)
Battery charge time2 hr
Battery lifetime8 hr
Operating temp0-30° C
Wavelength range
250-1400 nm (Hg/Ar)
600-1200 nm (Ne)


Calibration over a Broad Wavelength Range

Example lamp spectra obtained using an Ocean Optics Flame-T spectrometer showing prominent, unblended Hg and Ar lines labeled with air wavelengths from the NIST atomic database.  The Hg/Ar lamp is ideally suited to calibration of this low-resolution (1.5 nm FWHM) spectrometer over a wide wavelength range.  The Neon lamp is best suited for higher-resolution applications in the red and near-infrared. 


Long Battery Life in a Small Package

Brightness of Hg/Ar lamp over a complete battery cycle.  The useful lifetime is 8 hr.  The inset shows a blow-up of the curve over a 1-hr interval.  The stability in this window is better than 0.5%.